Care Supply for Fibre Hair

Care Supply for Fibre Hair

Synthetic Fiber Care Products

Special care needs to be taken when looking after synthetic fiber wigs and hair replacements.  We provide a variety of specifically designed products for salon use, or to grow your retail business.

  • Synthetic Fiber Shampoo
  • Synthetic Fiber Conditioner
  • Surgical Tape Remover
  • Water Soluble Hair Spray

It is important to remember that when using products on synthetic fiber, formulation is important! Ingredients that are designed to provide shine, and those to be used as a fixative, as in hairspray, may not easily be removed.  Products that contain lacquer, which can provide shine and hold, won’t wash out without the use of products strong enough to strip it out, possibly damaging the synthetic fiber’s texture and style.

General Care Instructions for Synthetic Fiber

Proper care of Fiber units and wigs will keep them looking their best! They should be washed every 4-5 days in the summer months, weekly during the winter, with a synthetic fiber shampoo.   Remember to use a shampoo that does not contain sodium, or silicone.  Sodium will bleach the hair.  Silicone will make the base of the unit or wig slippery and cause hair loss.  Use a spray on conditioner, concentrating on the ends, which may tend to be on the dryer side.  Use only a water-soluble hairspray if required.

Care for Your Hair Replacement

Step one: Pre-cleaning Your Replacement

  • remove tape daily to avoid residue build up by using tape remover.
  • apply a small amount of tape remover onto a cotton ball/pad to remove residue by

wiping the base of the unit in one direction, repeating until the base is free of any residue.

Step two: Cleaning Your Replacement

1. Cleaning a Fiber unit: In the summer it is recommended to wash the unit every 4-5 days.  During the winter months, every 7 days should suffice.

  • put 1 once of 2nd Impression Shampoo for Synthetic Hair into one liter of cool water.
  • let it sit in the solution for about 5 minutes, then rinse well.
  • place unit on a towel and gently squeeze out excess moisture
  • shake the unit to loosen up the hair.
  • don’t comb it until is just about dry.

2. Cleaning a Human Hair unit:

  • brush hair in the opposite direction of the style
  • make hair
  • apply shampoo (sodium & silicone free) and massage gently into the hair
  • brush for about 2-3 minutes, rinse, put on a towel and roll it  squeeze gently
  • use 2nd Impression Spray Conditioner lightly
  • brush into the hair style
  • let the unit dry overnight
    • Important: When using Hairspray= use WATERSOLUBLE Spray!

3. Maintenance for Permanent Attachments:

*Remember do NOT wash unit after initial installation for 24 hours!

Do not use hot water.  Temperature should be a few degrees lower then what you would use for your body when washing in the shower.

  • apply shampoo to the hair,
  • brush hair with a soft brush in one direction for about 2 minutes
  • rinse for 2 minutes
  • put a towel on your head and hold it under your chin, pull it down to remove excess water
  • apply 2nd Impression Spray on Conditioner
  • comb or brush hair in the direction of the style and blow dry on medium heat