Vacuum Wig Hair Replacement

Vacuum Wig Hair Replacement

Looking for the perfect hair replacement for ALOPECIA PATIENTS?


This hair replacement is by far the most natural looking product on the market. Even under close scrutiny it looks like hair growing on scalp. The cap of the vacuum wig requires a 100% perfect fit of your client’s head ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.

Once we have a plaster cast mold of your client’s head, we send it out to head office. Once there, a plastic copy of the mold is made and sent back to us. We forward it to you to make certain it is a perfect fit. Once you confirm the fit, production is started.

This VACUUM WIG requires no tape or glue.



Things you need:

  • Plastic wrap 18 inches wide (if you have standard 12 in size, tape two pieces together)
  • One water soluble pencil (art supply store)
  • Scotch tape
  • 2 rolls of Plaster cast 4 inches wide (we carry it)
  • A bowl for water
  • A towel
  • Measuring tape
  • Blow dryer

1. Start by marking the hairline on the scalp with the wet pencil. Have the client wrinkle their forehead. Mark the hairline and temples coming to the ear. PUSH THE EAR to the scalp and mark the outlines of the ear. Have the client put their head slightly back so you can mark the Occipital bone (it will be slightly higher) as well the mastoid corners. Continue around the whole head. DO NOT MARK ANY SIDEBURNS as they will interfere with glasses. (You can create sideburns with the hair of the wig if needed)

2. Put the plastic wrap on the head having the client hold the ends down.

3. Around the ears, apply Scotch tape on top of the ear and 1 inch above, make a VERTICAL CUT through the tape and the plastic from the bottom up so the plastic wrap with the tape, lays on the skin of the scalp and apply some more scotch tape. TRACE THE MARKINGS FROM THE SKIN ONTO THE PLASTIC WRAP with the wet water soluble pencil making sure to get good solid lines on it.

4. Pre-cut the plaster into strips, measuring the lengths you will need to cover the head entirely from the front to the back, and then again from side to side.  You will also need to cut one long strip that will cover around the edge of the head starting at the front, going around the back and ending back at the front.

5. Put lukewarm water into the bowl. Wet the strips in sets of three before applying, laying them on the towel as you work. Work with the three, and then wet the next set, and so on.

6. Starting with the front to back strips, place the first strip in the center of the head. Apply the rest of the strips moving from the front to the back, on either side, slightly overlapping until the head is covered.  Overlap all hairline and contour markings by about 1 inch.

7. Then use the strips measured from side to side and begin at the front, moving towards the back, making a second layer, slightly overlapping the edges as well.

8. Lastly, apply the long strip that goes all around the edge from the forehead over the back. Fold this strip in half lengthwise to reinforce it, and apply starting on the forehead, move around the ears, back to the front.

9. Have your client put their CHIN ON THIER CHEST, PRESS GENTLY IN THE NAPE AND OVER THE EAR AREAS, to ensure that the cast is laying on the scalp, and hold in place for about 10-15 minutes, as the plaster has to harden in place.  Use a blow dryer on these spots, specifically, but also on the top until you feel the mold getting hard. Remember, around the edges of the cap, the plaster is thicker and will take longer to dry.

10. GENTLY REMOVE THE PLASTER MOLD FROM THE HEAD (stop if you feel it is still soft and wait 5 more minutes) Once the mold is removed, check that all marked lines have been clearly transferred…if not, then remark them now. Let the mold dry for 24 hours before sending it to us.

11. Discuss the hair color, highlight color and size of highlight spots. Use an international hair color ring or send a hair sample along.  Also determine the style, part, and direction of hair growth.

12. Fill out an order form…if you require one please call or send an email and we will send it to you.

13. Send the mold to us, with your style specifications on the order form, and we will get the process started.

If you have any questions, please call us, and we will walk you through the steps.

Not a problem!