Women’s Hair Replacement

Women’s Hair Replacement

Bergmann Options

BERGMANN, a fully family-owned business, was founded in 1873 in Germany. Over it’s more than 140 years in business, they have become a leading European manufacturer of wigs, hairpieces, and hair additions for women and men. BERMANN’s priority has always been to produce the most beautiful hair solutions with the best quality hair available.

We offer BERGMANN’s top innovation, Bega High Memory Fiber, known to retain its natural appearance, provides a long lasting quality replacement, without sacrificing natural appearance.

As you may have noticed… the beautiful “Hand Tied” Ladies Wigs, are exceptional creations, natural in appearance and beautifully fashionable.

Interested in getting involved in providing high quality & fashionable products to your clients? Please contact us for more information on the opportunities and many available options.  We provide Human Hair and Fiber colour rings for your reference.

IHI -Pre designed units

Alfred’s Hair Wholesale has been involved with IHI, International Hairgoods, as the Canadian Distributor and educator for over 36 years.  Are you looking to design your own styles? No problem!  Or, would you prefer to pick from the styles available?

If you are not offering hair replacement options as a service option to your clients because you never thought that you could do it… we can teach you to be able to help those with hair loss due to a variety of reasons.  Please contact us.  We can help.